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Raccoon Facts

Raccoons CAN and DO carry Disease: Rabies, Roundworm, Mange, Distemper.



Raccoon Information

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Electo-Guard, animal exclusion system

Keep unwanted animals off your property.  Stop costly damage to your home and property. Stop paying for expensive removal of critters.  Stop being exposed to hazardous feces and urine.

Keep animals away from your roof/deck/garden/trees and attic.

Electo-Guard can follow the angle of your roof and walls.

1 bracket is required every 10’ or change of angle.

Stop animals climbing on vertical posts or
horizontal beams with a closed loop system.
Shown attached to a 4x4 post.

Electo-Guard bracket shown in black.

Electo-Guard bracket shown in white.

Custom Electo-Guard bracket with heavy duty U-Bolt.
Great for mounting above chain link fence.

Wire spacing can be adjusted down to 2"
for smaller animals.

We have manufactured the Electo-Guard system since 1991.
It has had tremendous results with raccoons over the years.

Our brackets are built to last with heavy gauge steel
and solid welds.

Electo-Guard was developed out of a real need to stop the damage.  After years of expensive repairs to our attic and roof we decided there had to be a better way.  Electo-Guard ended the problem.  Made of high quality steel and designed with harsh climates in mind, Electo-Guard has continued to allow us years of worry free living.  No more raccoons, no more damage.

Electo-Guard comes in 2 kit forms or can be designed to accommodate your situation. There is no cost to review your photo’s or discuss your problem with you on the phone or by email. Together we can design a system which will put an end to the costly destruction of your property.   Please contact us using our contact form or give us a call at 519 323-4762.

Electo-Guard is a pest deterrent and will not kill or permanently harm any animal which comes in contact with it.   The shock the animal receives while attempting to climb on your roof or balcony is often enough to deter any idea’s of trying again.  

We have been selling Electo-Guard for over 15 years with phenomenal results.  The raccoons leave and do not return.

We are attempting to create a gallery showing customers who have used Electo-Guard and we could really use your pictures.  Please email us a copy of your completed installation photo’s.

We are currently offering a 5% discount to customers who send us their photo’s of Electo-Guard installed on their property.

How Electric Fence Works

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How Electo-Guard Works

Electo-Guard is an electrified perimeter kit which prevents raccoons and other nuisance animals from scaling vertical surfaces such as:  buildings, walls, fences, decks, trees, posts etc.  

Electo-Guard is powered with the electric fence charger needed to do the job.  (Strength is determined by your situation).  

Electo-Guard is mounted across all points of entry.

You may turn off Electo-Guard during daylight hours or throughout the winter if not needed, saving you money by reducing power usage.  With a flick of a switch Electo-Guard can be powered on and start working immediately when problem animals appear.

Electo-Guard emits an electrical pulse which stops nuisance animals before they can enter and cause damage.

Our system has been widely used throughout North America to stop raccoons, opossums, monkeys and other problem animals with great success.

We will gladly review your situation with you at no cost in order to develop the system which will best suit your needs.

For ponds, pools and gardens, please see our LG2 Blitz garden protector kit which is best suited for “on ground” applications.  Again we will be only too glad to work with you to create the system you need at a price that you can afford.

Don’t fall for unscrupulous animal removal companies who trap and release within 1 km of your home.  That’s paramount to inviting the animal out for a night on the town, fully knowing it will return when the fun is over!

The cost of Electo-Guard is comparable and often less than a relocation service.

The main difference between Electo-Guard and relocation…with Electo-Guard the animal will NOT return and can be stopped BEFORE any damage is done!

Pond and Garden Kit

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